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Hand blown water bongs and glass pipes - exclusive glass art for your smoking pleasure.

We offer you wide selection of high quality water bongs, bubblers, glass pipes, chillums and one hitters. Our products are handmade in our own workshops by experienced glass blowers. Every piece is an original, every glass bong, bubbler and pipe is a true glass art for your maximum smoking pleasure.
Our products are made of Pyrex - light and hard borosillicate glass, which is heat resistant and 100% health-safe material. We design and manufacture our water bongs and glass pipes with maximum care. We use silver fuming and gold for coloring and color changing glass effect. offers wide selection of handmade water bongs. You can choose water bong with bowl, oil dome or precooler. Or you can buy spare parts for bongs (bowls, precoolers, oil domes) and alternate it according to your mood. If you want to make your glass bong more personal and unique, you can write your own inscription on the bong, e.g. your name, birth day or name of your favorite football team. Glass bongs with your inscription are also original gifts.

If you like parties with your friends, you should check our smoking sets for good prices. Except the handmade water bongs and glass pipes you can find here also favorite smoking accesories, such as lighters, tobacco jars, screens and grinders.
Colorchanging Glass Bongs With Animals
Elegant collection of colorchanging glass bongs contains eight handy bongs. Seven are decorated with an animal and one with a pot leaf. All bongs are made from strong and heat resistant Pyrex. Glass bongs are silver fumed for very nice color changing effect. Elaborated animals are hand crafted by our amazing glassblowers in bright colors.
Elephant Glass Pipes
Elephant glass pipes are magical pipes in the shape of elephant. Both smoking pipes are made from strong Pyrex glass and you can choose either from the pure, blue, green/brown or gilded glass. The trunk is used as a mouthpiece and the elephant body works as a bowl.
New Design of Oil Smoking Pipes
Oil smoking pipes also called puff pipes or concentrate pipes have the place in our smoke shop for a while. Our crafty glassblowers came now with a new design so you can choose between the older longer version or new shorter design of the oil smoking pipes.
Pocket Sized Glass Bongs
Pocket sized bongs are the smallest water bongs we offer. As they are tall only slightly over 4 inches, you can simply carry them in your pocket. Pocket sized bongs are the best party and travel bongs! Get one and you will surely fall in love.
New collection of Skull Mini Bongs
Brand new collection of skull glass bongs exclusively in Skull Mini Glass bongs are originally designed bongs made of thick Pyrex glass. The base of mini bongs is shaped as a skull and made in various colors. Skull Bongs are equipped with a carb hole on the back side.
Brand New Agaric Glass Pipes
Agaric Glass pipes are waiting for the mushroom hunter! These cute glass pipes have very beautiful design, are silver fumed and fritted from the inside. You can simply take the pipe with you wherever you want, because the size is perfect for carrying in your pocket. Made of Pyrex glass, hand-blown. Glass pipe can stand on the bowl, it has flat end. Equipped with a carb hole.
X-Bongs - Exclusive handmade glass bongs shaped as X
X-bongs are exclusive glass bong shaped as X that can be found only in our online smoke shops. X-bongs are handblown in our own workshops by using hard and durable Pyrex glass. We offer 4 types of X-bongs, mini version X1, medium sized bong X2 and full-sized bongs X3 and X4. Moreover the X4 bong has strong color changing effect.
Make your water bong unique with your own inscription
Make a unique bong with your own inscription. You can write a name, favourite sports team name, school name, birth date, favorite weed strain name, original birthday wishes or other inscriptions. You can choose one of 3 colors - red, green and blue. You can write maximum 15 letters on one bong. Make the bong you chose more personal by writting whatever you like on it.

We recommend from our product offer
Colorchanging X-Bong X4

Colorchanging X-Bong X4

 USD  $230.00 (€ 209.30)
Exclusive glass bong shaped as X with precooler and bowl set. Both parts of the X-bong are connected with short hollow tunnel. This ensures water pouring automatically into a second part while using the bong.
Skull Mini Glass Bong - Red

Skull Mini Glass Bong - Red

USD  $52.70 (€ 47.96)
Skull Mini Glass Bong - Red is originally designed bong made of thick Pyrex glass. The base of the bong is shaped as a skull. Bong is equipped with a carb hole on the back side and a rubber grommet joint.
Glass Bong Ganja

Glass Bong Ganja

USD  $27.40 (€ 24.93)
Glass Bong Ganja is a laboratory glass water bong. Pure design, mouthtube decorated with green marijuana leaves. A carb hole is on the left side. A simple removable glas on glass slider with bowl is included in the price.
Percolator Bong G508G Green

Percolator Bong G508G Green

USD  $184.80 (€ 168.17)
Percolator Bong G508 is premium quality, made of very solid and thick glass. Percolator bong is equipped with glass on glass removable bowl with handle for easier manipulation. Amazing design for maximum smoking pleasure.

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